Kinetic Water Energisers -Travel, Home and Commercial EDGE Systems

How does the EDGE system work?

The Edge System works just like rocks in a flowing stream, restoring water to its pristine, natural state. In a stream water impacts against the rocks and its molecules are forced to shift around. This creates eddy currents that scatter the molecules. The molecules are then de-constructed leaving the water fresh and energised.

The Edge System operates in the same manner. Water impacts the edge stators causing the molecules to shift around, creating eddy currents that scatter the molecules and resulting in de-constructed and fresh, energised water.

Independent Griffith University Test Results shows 99.2% chlorine and 29.7% fluoride removal!

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What is energised water?

Energised water is when the atomic molecular structure has changed using appropriate products and methods that energise water. When you pass standard H2O, which consists of  2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, through a water structuring device you change the molecular structure of the water passing through the device to H3O2, which has a structure of 3 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms.

Schauberger studied water in nature. His fundamental conclusion was that turbulent water, or water that passes through vortexes has different properties to ordinary ‘still’ water.

It has been called many things, including ‘living water’, energised water’, grander water… but its properties are fundamentally the same.

What is the difference between energised and non energised?

Energised water is easier for our bodies to absorb and utilise. It improves hydration, health and helps maintain homeostatis within our body.

Do you need to filter when energising?

Most people filter their water to improve the taste. Using the water-energising device makes the water in the whole house healthier. Some people still like to add the extra stage of filtering their drinking water and improving the pH levels.

A BIG problem for all water filters is dissolved calcium, so common in water supplies all over the world. In the case of electronic water filter/ionizers, it’s a serious problem as the electrolysis process causes the calcium to drop out of its dissolved state and become ‘sticky’. clinging to everything, including the internals of the unit. Calcium always reduces the effective life of any filter as it coats the surfaces of the filtration and alkalizing media. HomeEdge converts dissolved calcium (CaCO3) to a different form of calcium known as Aragonite.

Aragonite is not a ‘sticky’ calcium and therefore does not accrete on surfaces. In fact using HOMEedge we have found that calcium already accumulated on places like shower screens slowly dissolve, remaining clean and clear. The results showed it reduces chlorine and 29% of fluoride. It does not remove the contaminants that the UltraStream is designed to remove, so used with the UltraStream we achieve our goals of energised water, pure water, alkaline water and hydrogen rich water, and it’s still thousands of dollars less than electric systems that give far less performance.

Can you see the difference in the water after energising?

What you will notice is the texture and feel on your skin and the quality of your drinking water. The ability to absorb the water you are drinking may also be noticeable.

What is a water molecule?

A water molecule with a hexagon shape, made up of 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom (H2O). Science is beginning to show that there are many types of water, structured water being one of the healthiest.

Protecting and securing this beautiful planet’s clean water is so essential yet thus far the importance of this preservation has been misunderstood by many. The way we transport and store clean water leads to it becoming impure and sometimes even dangerous to consume.

All around the globe, government testing bodies are beginning to find many mysterious and dangerous toxins in their municipal water supply including pesticides, plastics, chlorine, pharmaceuticals and even estrogen.

We are fortunate in that there are guidelines in place across Australia to ensure your water is relatively safe, but is ‘relatively’ safe, safe enough?

Relatively safe is NOT safe enough, but you don’t have to drink it!

Our energised water and filtration systems are designed to return this precious resource to its natural state: just the way nature intended.

TRAVELedge Kinetic Water Energizer

Great Tasting, Healthy Water ‘on tap’ Wherever You Roam.

If you’re a person on the go, renting an apartment, caravanning or boating or simply can’t live without access to your favourite energised water where ever you may go then this is 
for you!

The TRAVELedge is a must-have for savvy and health conscious people as it supplies on demand chemical neutralised and energised water anywhere at any time. Just attach to any shower or tap and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the sweet taste and feel of safe energised water.

From Ironbark Creek to Istanbul you’ll always have fresh, healthy energised water on tap.

“Everybody should have the Ph Perfect energised water system in their home for better health.”
– Dr. Alan Hadley BM BS FACNEM

TRAVELedge System is a small, convenient device you can take anywhere.

HOMEedge Kinetic Water Energizer

HOMEedge installs inline on your present cold water line into your home and garden.

HOMEedge energises inlet water, changing the molecular structure of the water. Independent university tests were requested show a reduction in chlorine and fluoride, but the main benefit of HOMEedge is simply better water.

More drinkable, healthier, more enervating.

HOMEedge solves home calcium accretion problems on shower screens, toilet bowls, in hot water systems and dishwashers, even on cars washed with tap water. It does this by converting dissolved calcium to non-ionic Aragonite which won’t stick on anything.

COMMERCIALedge Kinetic Water Energizer

COMMERCIALedge is the jumbo big brother of the HOMEedge. It is designed for use in applications including poultry husbandry, cropping and all animal raising.
Our experience is that users save up to 30% of water costs through better production and stock health.

It’s also a great way to reduce the crazy cost of chemicals in your home pool and spa forever.

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What do the experts say?

What follows are a series of videos from a large variety of traditional scientists, doctors, quantum physicists and some really smart people that don’t have degrees in anything that really know their stuff in support of the concept of energised water. Enjoy.

If you have any questions please feel free to send a ‘quick enquiry’ to our research team on anything you have read on this site or watched on these videos.

The Water Cycle – NSF

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The Fourth Phase of Water, Dr. Gerald Pollack

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