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With the overwhelming success of CleanOxide in treating water supplies across the commercial, industrial and mining sectors we have experienced increasing demands for larger quantities of our leading chlorine dioxide product. 

We are pleased to introduce our commercial range of CleanOxide tablets and powder for treating large volumes of water for safe water treatment for a number of commercial applications.

For treating large volumes of water our 30g CleanOxide tablets will treat up to 10,000 litres of potable water.Our 100g tablets are available in a handy tub of 30 tablets, treating up to 300,000 litres at 1 PPM. 

For larger volumes our 1kg CleanOxide bags will treat up to 100,000 litres at 1 PPM. To treat up to 500,000 litres of potable water our 1kg CleanOxide powder is available in a a tub containing 5 x 1kg bags. 

Caution: Extra precautions are required when handling chlorine dioxide at such high concentrations.

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