Eliminates odours, airborne bacteria and viruses in residential and commercial applications.

CleanOxide Air sanitiser
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Formerly CleanOxide Air Sanitisation Gel

The Superior Air Sanitisation Solution

Unlike most conventional Odour treatments that merely mask bad smells our Neutralize Air Sanitisation Gel actually has the ability to kill the source of the problem. The Chlorine Dioxide that is released from the Gel works by destroying part of the odour molecule, stripping it of its odour potential. It is the oxygen ions that are doing the work, killing the airborne bacteria, mould or viruses and safely eliminating odour.

  • Slow regulated release of chlorine dioxide vapour at undetectable and safe levels.
  • Simple mixing instructions.
  • No capital investment required.
  • 1 packet treats up to 25m2 (floor area).
  • The Gel will turn yellow approximately 20 mins after activation.
  • After approximately 30 days the Gel will lose its colour and become inactive.
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  • Odour Control applications
  • Residential Applications
  • Pet enclosures
  • Doctors practices/Hospitals
  • Storage sheds
  • Close work stations
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Gyms
  • Transport Containers
  • Toilets


  • Purify and decontaminate the air and surfaces via slow release technology
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminates odours
  • Improves air quality and the immune system of the body
  • Creates fresh air
  • Protects against airborne microbial contamination’s in crowded rooms


Neutralize Air Sanitisation Gel instructions


Sundance Marine

We use Clean Oxide Gels on our Monte Carlo Yachts to ensure they are clean, fresh and guest ready at a moment’s notice. Am happy to recommend for owners, captains and crew to help present your boat as new” – Adam O’Neill, Vessel Management

Neutralize Air Sanitisation Gel Destroying Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde (HCHO) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are certainly the most common and the most dangerous substance groups with regard to indoor air exposure.

Neutralize Air Sanitisation Gel is the perfect way to protect your family from the dangers of exposure to Formaldehyde in everyday products. 

Other benefits of the Neutralize Gel is that the Chlorine Dioxide actually has the ability to destroy the Formaldehyde that is produced by other toxic chemicals within your environment.

Learn more about Formaldehyde here

Neutralize hand & surface sanitiser
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