Power Plants

Chlorine dioxide is a significant product in the control of algae, planktonic and sessile bacteria, bio-film and scale in power plants, cooling towers, loops and cooling systems. CleanOxide helps maintain the efficiency of heat exchanger surfaces, reservoir intakes and ancillary equipment. Traditional oxidising agents such as chlorine and bromine, on the other hand, are associated with pH constraints and corrosion problems. CleanOxide is significantly more stable than other oxidising biocides and is also compatible with most water treatment chemistry. It is vitally important to control bio-film in such systems because bio-film acts as an insulator, causing deterioration in general heat transfer properties. It creates fouling and corrosion problems by accumulating scale in pipe work and equipment. Bio-film also creates an environment that promotes the growth of anaerobic micro-organisms which in turn increases micro-biologically induced corrosion (MIC) problems. Using CleanOxide will lead to significant cost savings including water cost, inhibition of corrosion, reduction of maintenance costs and improved system performance.

Benefits of CleanOxide Chlorine Dioxide

  • Non-corrosive with steel, metal, aluminium, plastic & fibreglass at the recommended dose rates.
  • Removes biofilm slime from water tanks and pipes at shock dosing rates.
  • Oxidises iron & manganese.
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly
  • Safe for our oceans and natural water ways, leaves no harmful residues in water after 72 hours of treatment.
  • Broad spectrum disinfectant effective against bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, protozoa, viruses, biofilm & algae.
  • Effective over a broad pH range of 4 to 10.
  • 10 times more powerful than chlorine.
  • Effective at lower dose rates than chlorine & hydrogen peroxide.
  • Does not contain free chlorine.
  • Does not react with ammonia & does not produce toxic compounds in contact with organic materials present in water.
  • Effective against biofilm because it exists in solution as a dissolved gas. The dissolved gas is able to diffuse into the biofilm where it can destroy the micro-organisms responsible for the biofilm.
  • Micro-organisms do not develop resistance to CleanOxide.
  • Safe for consumption and approved for use in Australia and around the world.

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CleanOxide Gel

The superior air sanitisation solution eliminates odours, airborne bacteria and viruses in residential and commercial applications.

Unlike most conventional Odour treatments that merely mask bad smells our CleanOxide Gel actually has the ability to kill the source of the problem. The Chlorine Dioxide that is released from the Gel works by destroying part of the odour molecule, stripping it of its odour potential. It is the oxygen ions that are doing the work, killing the airborne bacteria, mould or viruses and safely eliminating odour. The CleanOxide Gel is suitable for Commercial and residential use. For more information click here.