Commercial Water Treatment Without Chlorine

Mine site water treatment chlorine dioxide

It would be fair to say that mining site operations are governed by logistics on the scale of a small island – Remote locations and a revolving population of shift workers make for a logistical Everest.

When it comes sanitising onsite water, it’s a logistic consideration that no site can afford to get wrong. A single outbreak of legionnaires or contaminated water supply will grind even the most efficiently run mining site to an instant halt.

It’s a threat that needs constant and proactive management given that most mining sites sit in a high threat category for water contamination- Off mains potable water supplies in remote locations and high temperature environments that favour proliferation of bacteria, viruses and parasites including cryptosporidium and giardia.

According to Quenton Leach, Managing Director of Natural Water Solutions, “Water treatment models on a commercial scale are being impacted by an agenda for less corrosive and chemical laden approaches. CL02 (Chlorine Dioxide) is emerging as a leading product facilitator to meet this agenda given its biodegradability, oxidative properties and superiority over traditional chlorinating practices which leaves a toxic residue.”

“Despite its name, Chlorine Dioxide is not Chlorine and the two should never be confused,” he said. “The molecular science is different. CL02 is an oxidising product free of chemicals and toxic by products. The technology is capable of being used on a large scale with impressively fast results.”

Perth based Natural Water Solutions is an Australian owned and run company at the forefront of ushering this new technology to the Australian mining sector and has worked with a number of leading mining sites in Western Australia to install our CleanOxide model in both a preventative and crisis situation.

According to Braydon Goddard, Senior Field Technician at Gold Road Resources, “Keeping our on site water safe and free from things like E-coli, Legionella, Legionnaires and other dangerous bacteria is crucial to our mining operation. Gold Road Resources pride ourselves on being a world leader in everything we do and this is why we use CleanOxide – the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly water treatment product available in Australia.”

Natural Water Solution’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the impressive science of oxidation and its growing role in commercial applications is impacting mining sites in another way.

“What we are routinely seeing is the powerful benefit of what occurs when you employ non toxic and non corrosive water streams for the descaling of onsite equipment, machinery and line cleaning. Reduced machine shut-down time, longevity in machine life and quicker cleaning times are part of the benefit ratio on offer with this approach.”

Natural Water Solutions has emerged as a leader in the dissemination of this powerful, science backed technology with the release of its CleanScale range.

CleanScale has a cache of uses within the mining sector including the removal of rust, lime and scale deposits from machinery. CleanScale has many specific Oil and Gas applications – as a Well Cleaning Aid, Drilling Fluid, Pipe and Line Cleaning Aid and Well Drilling Aid.

Traditionally the only effective way to reduce the pH of reclaimed processed waters has been to use harsh mineral acids. While these acids lower the pH of the discharge water, they pose significant challenges in their storage and use due to their corrosive nature.

CleanScale safely lowers pH in water without the use of these harsh mineral acids. This is achieved through the power of CleanScale’s synthetic acid which carries a triple-zero HMIS score, is rated non-corrosive, non-fuming, 100% biodegradable, and non-mutagenic to fish and wildlife where water run off is a consideration.

Test models show that CleanScale outperforms hydrochloric acid formulations in a wide variety of commercial applications. In fact, CleanScale formulations have proven to be 15% faster dissolving calcium carbonate than Muriatic acid – a huge impact variable in consideration of machine shut-down onsite.

CleanScale can be used for a variety of descaling, rehabilitation, titration and corrosion control uses and is certified to NSF/ANSI 60 specifications for use on potable water systems and wells. It’s even Kosher Pareve approved. CleanScale has no harsh smell or dangerous fumes, has been proven to pose no inhalation risk, and exceeds all D.O.T and OSHA requirements and requires no secondary containment. For added convenience, CleanScale can be diluted on site to achieve the right concentration for each application.

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