What is Hibrix Gold

Hibrix Gold is a biologically based liquid fertiliser based on the Hibrix Chelator 3B. It contains Molasses, (sugars and minerals), Hibrix Chelator, 28 measured minerals, and two kelps. Hibrix trials have been conducted across most major agricultural sectors including the wheat, sugar cane, maize and pasture industries. The results of some studies showed a crop yield increase of over 30%.

Hibrix Chelator

A new type of chelator to optimize plant health, stimulate new growth and maximise yields.

Chelators will attach to metal ions and carry them into the plant.
The Hibrix chelator is better than existing chelators in two ways:

  • When the Hibrix chelated nutrient comes in contact with the root system the chelating agent is immediately repelled as it delivers the nutrient load through the plant skin barrier. Once repelled it is free to seek out metal ions to protect and deliver. This shuttling back and forth of nutrients is highly efficient and unique to Hibrix.
  • The Hibrix chelator also attaches to macro nutrients (NPK) and prevents them from breaking down or combining with aluminium or iron in the soil. This means the available pool of phosphorus is larger for longer. With less fertiliser lost into the soil profile, farmers can choose to apply less fertiliser to begin with. This improves the farmer’s profit margin and the long term soil health.

Other benefits:

  • Increase in yield
  • Reduced input cost
  • Consistently higher grade and size
  • Reduction in damage caused by frost and early
    heat. The high brix (sugar) content helps protect
    the plant from temperature extremes. 
  • Reduction in pesticide input cost. The high brix
    level and increased silica content make plants
    highly resistant to sap sucking pests
  • Improved rain utilisation –
    Increased root mass allows crops to take full
    advantage of soil moisture
  • Pasture carbohydrate levels increased by 34%

Natural Water Solutions are proud to have partnered with Hibrix to distribute the Hibrix Chelator to deliver more efficient returns on investment and improved crops. If you want to see more on how the Hibrix Chelator performs on real farms, view our page which contains several scientific trials.

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Typically a farmer would apply 20 – 60 kg of phosphorus to the soil. What most don’t realize is that only 25% goes into the plant. The remaining 75% goes into the soil, much of it ends up in our lakes and rivers. Not only is this bad for the environment, it is also expensive.

Scientist and industry leaders agree we are headed for a phosphorus crisis. The human population is growing and world phosphorus reserves are not renewable or replaceable. Once they are gone – they are gone.

We need to produce more food with less phosphorus.

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