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The Faces of the Darling River Crisis

The Faces of the Darling River Crisis

Global Glyphosate Study

Glyphosate study video

Clean Oxide Gel Presentation

Clean Oxide Gel Presentation

ABC News Tank Water Protection

ABC News tank water protection

Dying Reefs Linked Fertilizers

Coral reefs and algae

Honeybees Chance With Pesticides

Honeybees Glyphosate

Glyphosate Found in German Beers

Glyphosate weed killer found in German beers study finds

Mercury in Australia’s Derwent River

River Contamination Turns Healthy Food Source Into Health Hazard

Over 267 Toxins Found in Tap Water

Over 267 Toxins Found in Public Tap Water

Human Impact on the Reef

Human Impact on the Great Barrier Reef

Glyphosate Found in US Foods

Without Prejudice – Glyphosate


Call For EU to Phase Out Glyphosate

European Parliament audience