CleanSolvent VG 2020


CleanSolvent VG 2020

  • CleanSolvent VG 2020 eco-solvent degreaser
  • 100% plant-based
  • 100% renewable
  • 100% improved in term of safety toxicity, environmental properties
  • Ideal Alternative solvent for the future

CleanSolvent VG 2020 In ACTION!!





CleanSolvent VG 2020 is a high performance bio-solvent, and provides emulsifiable cleaning and degreasing, specially designed to replace hydrocarbon-based and other petroleum-sourced solvents.

It meets the needs of production and maintenance managers in terms of performance, lack of toxicity, environmental and safety criteria. VG 2020 is highly effective for cleaning off heavy contaminant tars, heavy hydrocarbons, and combustion residues. CleanSolvent VG 2020 is NON-FLAMMABLE.








CleanSolvent VG 2020 can be used undiluted, applied with a cloth or sprayed at low pressure, typically for oil & gas, heavy industry, offshore oil & gas and marine. It will clean off heavy oils, crude, tars, asphaltenes and greases.

Allow to act then rinse with a pressurised water jet or high-pressure spray. It may also be used mixed with water, at dilutions of 3 to 50% depending on the type of contaminant to be eliminated.

Perform a compatibility test before use on sensitive materials or in the event of prolonged contact with non-cured paints.


Undiluted use: Apply the product to the surfaces to be degreased or cleaned using a cloth, brush, or paintbrush, or a traditional low-pressure spray bottle.

Allow to act for a short time according to the contaminants to be removed, and then rinse with clean water using high-pressure equipment, running water, or a damp cloth, according to the installation.

Diluted in water: The same instructions apply. NEUTRALENE® VG 2020 can be diluted from 10% to 50% in water, according to the nature of the contaminants to be eliminated.

User precautions: NEUTRALENE® VG 2020 is a powerful degreasing and cleaning agents.If necessary, check their compatibility with materials or surface coatings, particularly sensitive plastics, classic paints or slightly crosslinked paints.

VG 2020

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