CleanScale Biodegradable Descaler

Available in 5,10,20 and 200 litres packaging. Discount pricing applies for higher volume orders.

Applications: Powerful biodegradable, non-toxic descaler designed to remove rust, lime and scale.

Dilution rate: For a standard application dilute CleanScale at a rate of 1 part CleanScale and 2 parts water. Recirculate and monitor the product hourly. Once finished rinse the system with water.
CleanScale can be used at our recommended dilution rate or more concentrated solutions can be used and will work faster but may be uneconomical in situations where deposits are light or large volumes of product are required.

When using 100% undiluted CleanScale: caution should be taken for applications with aluminium, magnesium or zinc. Polished chrome and some stainless steel alloys may be discoloured by CleanScale.

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