How to care for your water tank

Water Tank

Caring for your water tank not only makes it last longer, it keeps the water safe for you and your family. Follow our care tips and you will always be able to rely on your tank.

Inspect the tank every 3 months

Inspecting your tank helps you identify leaks and damage. Repairing these early goes a long way to keeping your water tank safe. Other things you should look for include:

  • Guttering – clean, in good repair and mesh is intact
  • Mosquito mesh – clean it and check it is in good repair

Your water tank is a great place for mosquitos and vermin to thrive. Keep them out with regularly maintained mesh or use CleanOxide Tablets as they will give off small amounts of Chlorine Dioxide gas that will kill mosquito larvae in the top of your tanks.

Check the water quality

We recommend checking the water quality in your tank at least every 6 months, especially if you are using it for drinking water. A build-up of biofilm or other organic material can prove hazardous to your health. Your tank can always become a breeding ground for bacteria such as Legionella, which pose a serious threat to your family. Regular water testing will help keep your tank safe.

Treat your tank

Regular sanitisation treatments are the best way to care for your water tank. We recommend using Chlorine Dioxide, rated by the World Health Organisation as one of the most powerful water sanitisers in the world. Despite the name, Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t contain Chlorine and is much safer as a treatment option and is non-corrosive to your tank. Unlike Chlorine Water treated with Chlorine Dioxide does not develop harmful disinfection by-products.

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