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Molecular Hydrogen Water – Superfuel for Oxidative Stress & Athletic Recovery

Molecular Hydrogen Water

Who first said it ? ………”If you like water then you already like 72% of me!” Well whoever it was, the sentiment is 100% correct. And it resonates well with us here at NWS as  it  serves to underline a topic we’re perennially passionate about – Water !  In keeping with our role as innovators […]

Studies show improved results from Chlorine Dioxide in the treatment of industrial water systems.

Chlorine Dioxide Decontaminate Legionella

A study published by has demonstrated improved efficacy in eradicating the risk of legionnaire’s disease in water systems through the application of chlorine dioxide. Legionnella is a common organism that grows in sludges and slimes and is linked to legionnaire’s disease and Pontiac Fever. The Australian Government website states that rainwater tanks are […]

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