The Efficacy of Disinfectants Against Plant Pathogens

CleanOxide 75

In late 2015, a journal article from the European Journal of Plant Pathology was published on research regarding the efficacy of different disinfectants against plant pathogens in irrigation water. All testing as done by the Department of Primary Industries here in Australia for the horticulture and agriculture industries.  The disinfectants tested included chlorine, chlorine dioxide (using our CleanOxide 75) and ultraviolet radiation. While there have been limited previous testing of this nature, this study focused on a range of plant pathogen species, in various life stages and different water qualities.

Findings concluded that the efficacy of treatments varied with exposure time, application rate, water type and the specific plant pathogen. However, one key finding is that both UV radiation and chlorine dioxide were the most effective when compared to normal chlorine against these pathogens.

You can read the full journal article here:

CleanOxide 75 dpi 2015 Efficacy of Disinfectants

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