CleanOxide Liquid 75 Dosing Systems

In most large scale water treatment plants, mixing of CleanOxide Part A (P) and CleanOxide Part B takes place in an automated preparation plant such as the one shown schematically below.

CleanOxide Batch Dosing System

CleanOxide Part A (P) and CleanOxide Part B are allowed to react for approximately seven hours before CleanOxide Liquid 75 is ready to dose into the water supply. In practice, sufficient product is mixed every day to treat the required volume of drinking water.

Plant capacity can be increased by installing more than one holding tank for CleanOxide Liquid 75 or the frequency of filling and discharging the holding tank can be increased (up to three times per day is possible).

The preparation plant itself is constructed from HDPE with HDPE or PVC pipes. The preferred material for the wetted parts of pumps is Teflon for maximum durability.

The operation of the preparation plant is under the control of a plc and can be remotely monitored if required. Cross checks on the operation of the preparation plant can be carried out to ensure the quality and integrity of the CleanOxide Liquid 75 produced by monitoring both the volume of raw materials delivered to the mixing vessel and the weight of material delivered.


CleanOxide Liquid 75 Part A and CleanOxide Liquid 75 Part B are available in 18L/2L, 180L/20L and 900L/100L (5 x 20L) pack sizes (sufficient to make 20L, 200L or 1000L CleanOxide 75 respectively).

CleanOxide Part A (P) and CleanOxide Part B for professional users are available in 1000L pack sizes only.

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