What is CleanOxide?

Chlorine Dioxide – What is It?

Chlorine Dioxide is in no way to be confused with Chlorine (CI). Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula CIO² and is most commonly used for the treatment of water to ensure safety for consumption, sterilisation of medical equipment as well as surfaces, rooms and tools. Chlorine Dioxide is manufactured from Sodium Chlorite and occurs in the form of a gas or a soluble gas in a liquid. When Chlorine Dioxide was first discovered in 1811 it was an unstable, explosive gas, however, has since been refined into a highly effective disinfectant and stable agent.

What is the difference between Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide?

Although these two substances can easily be mistaken for each other due to their names, they have completely different chemical structures. The additional oxygen atom in Chlorine Dioxide drastically changes the molecule and the way it behaves. Chlorine Dioxide is stabilised and generates no harmful by-products, however, in contrast chlorine changes the taste and odour of water while also producing carcinogenic by-products.

Is Chlorine Dioxide safe for human consumption?

Chlorine Dioxide is most commonly used for the bleaching of pulp and other materials, which may concern some consumers. However, Chlorine Dioxide is also very commonly used in mouthwashes and has been deemed safe for human consumption in small doses. Compared to hydrogen peroxides, which has a safety level of 1ppm per 8hr interim, Chlorine Dioxide has a safety level of 0.01ppm per 8hr interim. It is not medically recommended that humans spend more than 8 hours consuming the gas of Chlorine Dioxide.

CleanOxide – what is it?

CleanOxide (Chlorine Dioxide) is an oxidising biocide. It has the power to kill micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and spores) by infiltrating their cell wall, interrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis. CleanOxide also has the ability to penetrate bacteria that are protected by a polysaccharide film (biofilm), which chlorine has difficulty breaking down. CleanOxide comes in a convenient tablet form, which easily dissolves and treats the water within 24 hours. CleanOxide comes in a number of tablet sizes suitable for residential and commercial uses.

Residential Uses – CleanOxide

Treating rain water tanks is essential to the health and safety of you and your family. Over time, harmful organic materials, such as biofilm, bacteria, fungi, and viruses can start to grow and build up in water tanks. CleanOxide is extremely efficient in treating water tanks to ensure such bacteria and harmful organic material are managed. Water tanks on boats can also contain harmful organic material and should be treated regularly to avoid deterioration of pipes as well as maintaining safety standards.

Commercial Uses – CleanOxide Liquid 75

Chlorine Dioxide is an ideal product for treating liquid, surface and/ airborne microbial contamination in a safe and effective manner. The Chlorine Dioxide used in CleanOxide is in liquid form, which makes it extremely safe and perfect for human consumption. CleanOxide is also perfect for industrial and commercial water sterilisation, in units such as rain water tanks and cattle water tanks. CleanOxide can also be used to disinfect things such as air conditioning units to avoid such disasters as Legionella.

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