Chlorine Dioxide – dispelling the myths


Chlorine DioxideThe internet is an incredibly useful research tool. It allows us to source and share information instantaneously. Unfortunately, this means that myths and misconceptions can spread very quickly and obscure the truth. In this post, we aim to tackle some of the myths that surround chlorine dioxide, and how this differs from our chlorine dioxide based product CleanOxide.

Myth 1: Pure chlorine dioxide is corrosive

Traditional chlorine dioxide and chlorine can be corrosive to stainless steel. However, CleanOxide is a pure form of chlorine dioxide, which does not hydrolyse in water to form acidic compounds; CleanOxide remains in solution as chlorine dioxide, which dispels the myth that CleanOxide is corrosive. This myth originated from people mistakenly assuming that all chlorine dioxide contained chlorine. CleanOxide has been shown to be compatible with stainless steel through exposure studies at medium to low doses and is completely safe to use in your water tank.

For more information please see our corrosion brochure.

Myth 2: Chlorine dioxide is carcinogenic

Chlorine dioxide is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a carcinogen. This wrongly suggests that chlorine dioxide can cause cancer. Chlorine dioxide is perfectly safe and has been identified as a powerful and effective safe water treatment agent by the World Health Organisation. Chlorine dioxide is actually used in a number of everyday items as well, something that isn’t allowed if it was a carcinogenic risk.

Myth 3: Chlorine is more effective than chlorine dioxide

Due to the name, many people assume that chlorine dioxide contains chlorine. This can be true for traditional chlorine dioxide; however, this is not true for CleanOxide. Additionally, it is not correct to say that chlorine is more effective than chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is easy to use and does not leave the same nasty taste that chlorine can. Chlorine dioxide is also effective at breaking down bio-film in water tanks, the same cannot be said of chlorine. Therefore, it is correct to say that chlorine dioxide is more effective than chlorine as a water treatment agent.

Many of the myths surrounding chlorine dioxide seem based on the misconception that it contains chlorine. We hope we have helped to clear some of these myths up for you, and that you understand why chlorine dioxide is the water treatment agent of choice for many people.

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