Hidden Toxins In Your Air Freshener; Alternative Solution

Household and workplace air sanitation has always been considered a key factor in productivity and happiness levels. Unpleasant smells from sinks, carpet stains, bins and Aircon filters have always stood in the way of the ideal clean-smelling home, office or even cars.

Commercial advertisements advocate for a band-aid solution to the nasty smells using air fresheners in the form of sprays, plug-ins and reed diffusers. But did you know your air freshener could potentially cause harm to your health?

The sole purpose of air fresheners is to “Freshen” the air by masking the unpleasant smells with chemicals that further degrade the air quality of our living spaces and exposing us to potentially hazardous air pollutants. Air Fresheners are not meant to clean the air or eliminate air pollutants, despite unverifiable claims made by some freshener companies.

The danger in air fresheners

Air fresheners emit over 100 different chemicals including Volatile Organic compounds like commonly known Formaldehyde, phthalates, benzene and Toluene. Studies carried out comparing emissions among a range of air fresheners—including those with claims of being “green,” “organic,” “non-toxic,” “all-natural,” or with “essential oils”—all air fresheners, regardless of claims, emitted potentially hazardous compounds. The adverse effects of chemicals contained in air fresheners include migraine headaches, asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, infant illness & Eye, nose and throat irritation. Regulatory protections on fragrance formulations have led to air fresheners ingredients going undisclosed to consumers by the producers.

Thankfully, sanitising air without the drawbacks of air freshener chemicals is relatively easy.

Attack odours at the source

CleanOxide Air sanitisation gel is a safe and effective odour treatment that has the ability to kill odours at the source rather than masking it. CleanOxide Air Sanitisation gel eliminates the airborne bacteria, mould and harmful pathogens and safely eliminating odour in your house, car or office. The Chlorine Dioxide released from the Gel works by destroying a part of the odour molecule, stripping it of its odour potential.

Applications of CleanOxide Gel

CleanOxide Gel can be used for residential and commercial purposes like caravans, pet enclosures, food facilities, hospitals, toilets, closed workstations, boats and cars. Simple mixing instructions followed by the slow regulated release of Chlorine dioxide at undetectable and safe levels makes CleanOxide a superior air sanitisation solution.  

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