The Raw Water Debate

We’ve probably all heard of the raw food diet – think uncooked, unprocessed foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds – but what about raw water? Advocates for the trend swear by the benefits of raw water and warn against the use of bottled and tap water due to dangers of the added chemicals. On the other hand, critiques are labelling raw water as dangerous and potentially lethal.

We’ve done some research of our own about the truth behind raw water, and the health implications that accompany it.

What is Raw Water?

Raw water is literally what it sounds like; untreated and unfiltered water. It’s meant to be better for you due to the presence of natural electrolytes and probiotics, many of which are usually removed through filtration processes involved in tap and bottled water.

Additional benefits promoted by trend followers include the lack of added chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine, which are traditionally used to remove algae and other contaminants. Companies such as Live Water are cashing in on the trend, bottling fresh spring water directly from a natural spring and shipped straight to retailer’s shelves.

What’s wrong with collecting your own Raw Water?

While raw water is getting traction amongst a large U.S. market due to their ‘off the grid’ marketing approach, those who can’t afford the popular Live Water products (going for over $60USD each) are collecting raw water from their own properties and other untested water bodies – this is potentially dangerous. There’s no quality assurance and no way to know what’s actually contained in the water.

Contamination of the water bodies can occur easily through various avenues including Herbicide spraying, fertilizer runoff or chemical exposure from commercial and industrial waste products. However, water is most commonly contaminated with animal faeces having direct contact with water bodies, or seeping through soil into groundwater. The result is the presence of infectious pathogens in the water, which can only be removed through filtration and treatment. Health experts have listed diseases such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Giardiasis, and Hepatitis A as the most common contaminates for water bodies, and it’s these illnesses that people are at risk of when drinking untested raw water.

Clean, fresh water the safe way

How can we ensure our water is both rich in nutrients and free from harmful chemicals and pathogens? At Natural Water Solutions, we can provide various solutions to this dilemma.

If you collect your own water, CleanOxide tablets are the ideal product for you. Recommended by the World Health Organisation, CleanOxide controls bacteria, fungi, virus, biofilm, and algae growth, ensuring your tank water is safe for consumption and free from dangerous chemical by-products, such as those created through Chlorine treatment. Phone us now on 1800 226 303 to discuss how many tablets are needed for your tank.

To continue using tap water and ensure that it’s free from chemicals, you should try the Ultrastream Water Alkalizer. It ensures your drinking water is safe from pathogens, arsenic, and pesticides, lowers levels of fluoride, chlorine, and also alkalises, ionises, and infuses hydrogen into your tap water. This World Class filtration system comes in both benchtop and under-sink options, making it both the smart and visually appealing choice to add to your home. For any Ultrastream queries, phone us now on 1800 226 303.


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