Molecular Hydrogen Water – Superfuel for Oxidative Stress & Athletic Recovery

Molecular Hydrogen Water

Who first said it ? ………”If you like water then you already like 72% of me!”

Well whoever it was, the sentiment is 100% correct. And it resonates well with us here at NWS as  it  serves to underline a topic we’re perennially passionate about – Water ! 

In keeping with our role as innovators in all things water, we’re happy to be talking about the science of Molecular Hydrogen and how to safely and easily supercharge your drinking water via our new I Love H2 Sports Supplement.

There are highly documented benefits of infused molecular hydrogen – Elevated sports performance, increased recovery rates, improved body alkalinity, and anti inflammatory support to name a few. In fact you might as well call it a Gladiator in the fight against Oxidative Stress which affects every living being, athlete or not.

Molecular hydrogen might sound like a mouthful but the science is actually elegant and simple. Let’s break it down:

It first drew attention after the revolution of ionised water was shown to contain small amounts of molecular hydrogen (H2). Those lucky to own a high end water ioniser may well be aware that this is one of the very reasons ionisation has become a standard in water filtration practices.

As the scientific model explains, H2 is the smallest molecule and as such is capable of infiltrating every cell in the body. The body uses hydrogen at a cellular level to combat oxidative stress.

Now Oxidative Stress is a topic all unto itself (and there’s mountains of great information that will come up on a google search) but in essential terms, it is the continuous burden upon the cell to achieve optimal function in the face of endless impact variables – from nutrition, hydration, stress, physical exertion, and disease. In other words, anything that affects the wellness matrix of the individual. 

Again in simplistic terms so as we might understand the complexity of what is actually a very simple model – If we aid the body in its natural pursuit of cellular wellness, we boost the health profile from a cellular matrix. And hydrogen has a distinct and potent role in that agenda.

It’s little wonder then why the scientific pundits have come up with a way to concentrate the body’s uptake of H2. This pursuit is why everyone is now talking about molecular hydrogen water – An easy way to infuse your everyday drinking water with a concentrated dose and yield concentrated benefits!

The lab explanation is also simple – It’s all made possible by the fact that molecular hydrogen is made up of TWO atoms of hydrogen bonded together. This forms a stable molecule that can happily exist in water.

NWS’s new I LOVE H2 supplement is at the forefront of molecular hydrogen water. I LOVE H2’s patent-pending formula is a magnesium -based fizzy tablet that dissolves in water and immediately creates hydrogen rich water. How rich ? Three times the molecular hydrogen per litre than a high end electronic water ionizer.

Once ingested, H2 has the ability to penetrate at a cellular level almost immediately and get to work. It is fast gaining status with athletes given the impressive scientific studies showing a reduced lactic acid effect, post workout fatigue and anti inflammatory action.

Whilst somewhat of a new buzz to the water industry, reassuringly the topic of Molecular Hydrogen is backed by some serious academic cred. It’s not too early to call it as an area of health and well being we’re going to see and hear a lot more about – In fact, it’s become such an established branch of scientific research that science leaders around the globe have formed a Molecular Hydrogen Instutite (MHI). If you visit their website, the MHI reports more than 1000 scientific articles suggesting that H2 has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models.

There’s plenty more good reading for those that like to delve deeper.

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