Reefs and Algae

Underwater reef with algae

Symbiotic Algae play a significant role in most marine ecosystems and are responsible for keeping coral reefs healthy. However, this particular type of algae is heavily impacted by ocean pollution, which consequently affects the overall health of coral reefs. Symbiotic Algae is the brown / yellow algae that lives in most coral’s gastrodermis (inner layer […]

4 reasons chlorine dioxide should be your preferred sanitiser

To the lay-person, a commercial kitchen is just a floor and some equipment that needs a good clean regularly. They don’t understand the dangers of bacterial contamination and how easy it is for food to be affected. Most commercial kitchens will use bleach, or a similar sanitiser, to keep their space safe. Today, we will […]

Chlorine Dioxide – dispelling the myths


The internet is an incredibly useful research tool. It allows us to source and share information instantaneously. Unfortunately, this means that myths and misconceptions can spread very quickly and obscure the truth. In this post, we aim to tackle some of the myths that surround chlorine dioxide, and how this differs from our chlorine dioxide […]

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