Molecular Hydrogen Water – Superfuel for Oxidative Stress & Athletic Recovery

Molecular Hydrogen Water

Who first said it ? ………”If you like water then you already like 72% of me!” Well whoever it was, the sentiment is 100% correct. And it resonates well with us here at NWS as  it  serves to underline a topic we’re perennially passionate about – Water !  In keeping with our role as innovators […]

Studies show improved results from Chlorine Dioxide in the treatment of industrial water systems.

Chlorine Dioxide Decontaminate Legionella

A study published by has demonstrated improved efficacy in eradicating the risk of legionnaire’s disease in water systems through the application of chlorine dioxide. Legionnella is a common organism that grows in sludges and slimes and is linked to legionnaire’s disease and Pontiac Fever. The Australian Government website states that rainwater tanks are […]

Got enough Magnesium?

By William Davis, MD, author of Wheat Belly February 2007 Ian : Dr Davis’ latest best seller,  Wheat Belly actually disagrees with eating some of the magnesium food sources in this article, which simply demonstrates that he has ‘moved on’. His Wheat Belly book changed the way we think about bread and grains. It’s controversial, challenging and so […]

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